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7 Innovative Functions Vivotek Video Surveillance Offers
.17 May

7 Innovative Functions Vivotek Video Surveillance Offers

Installing a Vivotek video surveillance system is one of the safest ways to ensure your business’ security.

They are able to closely monitor through indoor and outdoor lens and warn of intruders.

When looking for a video surveillance system, you want a brand that you can trust. That’s why GO2 recommends Vivotek.

Vivotek offers some of the most advanced video surveillance equipment in the industry. Their cameras are efficient, conspicuous and can be viewed from any of your devices.

Purchasing a Vivotek video surveillance system helps to ensure you and your company are protected. Read on to learn about 7 functionalities that Vivotek’s systems feature.


1) Business Monitoring Capabilities

Vivotek video surveillance allows you to monitor your business quickly and effectively. Vivotek cameras feature high-quality live streaming that capture the finest of details of activity, helping to ensure the safety of you, your employees and your business.

Users are able to check in through multiple cameras, allowing for full coverage monitoring of your business surroundings. Also, Vivotek video surveillance has slow motion playback so you are able to carefully review camera footage.

Even in instances of poor lighting, this video surveillance can produce excellent imagery.

Vivotek video monitoring is supported through high definition resolution cameras. Their cameras are able to produce much clearer, detailed images than analog counterparts.


2) Motion Detection

Certain Vivotek video surveillance cameras are able to detect movement through its cameras. When movement is detected, certain reactions will occur to alert the administrator.

Usually, this means an alarm is triggered and/or an immediate alert notification will be sent to you and/or officials.

This is a great feature in instances of danger. Conventional video surveillance software tends to create frequent false alarms. This can be especially detrimental if there is an actual burglar.

However, Vivotek video surveillance is far more advanced than their competitors. Their security cameras are able to differentiate between movement in the reference frame and the foreground.

Other surveillance systems can fail because they detect noise that isn’t actually relevant to the user. This causes false alarms, while also consuming ample storage space. (See more on storage below.)


3) Video Recordings Are Secure

Thanks to cloud-based software, your video recordings are able to store footage nearly anywhere. Footage from your Vivotek video surveillance system can be configured to be uploaded into a secure cloud storage platform. This option provides additional value and flexibility, ensuring the data security of your precious surveillance footage.

These recordings are held in by a highly protected, enterprise class data center. You won’t have to worry about this footage disappearing or being damaged.

This eliminates the need to purchase an on-site server.

Recordings are contained through DVRs which poses the risk of footage being lost. Also, it’s more costly to maintain through DVRs.

Vivotek video surveillance is more efficient because recordings are transmitted digitally. This prevents the chance of external and internal damage and system defects.

Vivotek also offers further cloud functionality utilizing the Genetec Stratocast Cloud Platform.

Genetec Stratocast Cloud Storage Benefits:

  • Ability to record video directly to the cloud without the need for on-site servers and storage.
  • Eliminate the need for network configuration.
  • Stratocast web application allows for monitoring of all security cameras.
  • Managed service by Genetec, providing system updates and maintenance.
  • Greater flexibility through subscription-based service


4) Access Footage from Anywhere

Unlike others, this surveillance can be monitored directly from your smartphone or tablet. If you are away from the office for a period of time, Vivotek systems set your mind at ease by allowing you to check in on your surveillance system at any time.

Vivotek video surveillance pulls from a network of global data centers. This allows video footage to be viewed and monitored from any device that is connected to the internet.

Not only are users able to view previous recordings, but you can also monitor live footage of your surveillance system. In the event of an emergency, this functionality benefit simply can’t be measured.

If your organization has several locations, Vivotek video surveillance is made for you.

Users can take advantage of their multiple screen monitoring capabilities, and are able to track several cameras and sites from one device.

Again, since footage can be stored in the cloud, users can save serious money on many DVR costs.


5) Ample Storage and Bandwidth Settings

Vivotek video surveillance uses video compressing technology which reduces bandwidth and storage consumption. Users can reduce their intake up to 80%, allowing for much more footage space.

Their video footage is able to maintain a high-quality image even after compression. This is due to its new system compression software, Smart Stream 2.

This is on par with thier line of new solutions to free up storage and bandwidth.

Users can now also enjoy its V-Pro H.265 line of video surveillance options. This new compression technology also produces much higher pixels than other models.


6) Hidden Surveillance

Vivotek video surveillance is able to fit into any interior design. This allows your video footage to be discreet and hidden from the public.

This also ensures that your camera is protected and not at risk for damage and other vandalism.

Your business handles lots of resource and money. Often times, burglars will tamper with video surveillance cameras prior to entering a business. These cameras can help eliminate the risk of your lens being destroyed.

Although it’s discreet in nature, don’t think its receptive to blind spots. Some Vivotek video surveillance cameras can produce a 360-degree view so you receive full coverage.


7) High Speed Dome

Vivotek cameras can produce 60 frames per second and are able to zoom 30x more than other systems. Some Vivotek video surveillance cams are equipped with a resolution of 60 fps at 1920 x 1080.

Others contain a resolution of 60 fps at 1080 full HD.

Vivotek video cameras capture smooth, non-grainy imagery through high-speed functionality. With Vivotek, your video surveillance system is able to catch even the finest details.

This can be useful for high traffic areas such as airports, parking lots, and school buildings.


Where to find Vivotek Video Surveillance?

Vivotek video surveillance systems can be found right here! GO2Tech has been providing businesses the benefits of Vivotek video surveillance systems for many years.

We take the hassle out of finding the security camera equipment you may need. Our experts can offer advice to increase your security system efficiency and functionailty.


Contact us today to speak to one of our friendly and professional staff members!

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