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Cellular Repeaters, also known as a Cell Signal Booster, is a Cellular Amplification System which takes a cell phone signal from an area where the signal is strong and amplifies it to an area where the signal is weak or even nonexistent. The basic setup of a cell phone repeater is to have an external antenna placed in the area which has a good signal. That is then connected via a low loss cable to a cell phone signal amplifier which then amplifies the signal and transfers it to an internal antenna. The internal antenna takes the repeated signal and broadcasts it to the area which is not receiving cell phone signal.

Cellular Repeaters: System Components

• Outside Antenna

The outside antenna can be omnidirectional (can capture signal from all directions) or directional (works best when pointed directly at a cell tower). The benefit to omnidirectional antennas is that they are easy to install and pick up signals in a 360-degree area. They are great for picking up and transmitting to multiple towers for multiple carriers. You want to mount them as high as possible where the signal is strongest. A couple disadvantages of omnidirectional antennas are their gain is typically lower than directional antennas and they are more prone to other RF interference.

The benefit to directional antennas is that they typically provide more signal gain (power) than omnidirectional antennas. They are also less prone to other RF interference. Because they provide more gain, the tower can typically be much further away than is acceptable for an omnidirectional antenna.

• Cell Signal Booster

Just about every cell signal booster will have two values that basically define it. The first is “band". Most amplifiers are classified as single band or dual band. Single band refers to frequency. The cell signal booster only amplifies one of two frequency ranges. Dual-band cell amplifiers will boost two frequency ranges. While there are certainly reasons for purchasing a cellular signal booster, dual cell boosters are more common and compatible with just about every carrier.

Signal gain is another spec, and most cell signal amplifiers will have this specification. Gain is the ratio of output to input. Gain is measured in decibels. Decibel numbers are derived from a basic logarithmic function; An increase in 3 dB doubles the power.

• Interior Cell Antenna

Inside antennas, just like outside antennas, come in different shapes and sizes, serve different purposed and can be omnidirectional or directional. While this makes installation fairly simple, the unit must become part of your home décor as it must be installed in a central location and will be visible. Having a separate indoor antenna allows for the most flexibility when choosing a central coverage point. They even make low-profile dome antennas and even dome antennas which resemble light fixtures, which are less obtrusive and mesh well with any home décor.

Inside cellular antennas can be directional as well. Wall-mounted panel antennas provide directional coverage in typically a 90-120 degree radiation pattern. While coverage is only provided pretty much in front of a directional antenna they usually offer more gain than a dome antenna. With that being said, panel antennas are great for large but somewhat narrow rooms or hallways. They are also useful if you are not able to fully adhere to the antenna separation requirements. If the indoor directional antenna is pointed away from the outdoor antenna you will most likely be able to get away with a less than recommended antenna separation distance.

• Cellular Repeaters: Cabling & Connectors

The cabling and connectors used to connect the outside antenna to the amplifier, as well as the inside antenna to the amplifier, play a crucial role in how your system will perform. Depending on the product, different types of cabling and connectors can be used.

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