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GO2 Hosted VoIP Phone Systems allow businesses of any size to enjoy a sophisticated, feature-rich VoIP Telephone System without the traditional investment associated with premise-based telephone equipment. GO2 offers multiple Hosted or Cloud VoIP Phone Systems that can meet the need of any business.

The GO2 Hosted VoIP platform is located in secure and redundant data centers. Our Hosted PBX systems and services provide your business with the flexibility of having IP Phones and other endpoints anywhere in the world by simply connecting to the internet.

We are bandwidth agnostic. GO2 Hosted VoIP Phones work with your existing Internet service or we can provide you with Internet Service from one of our many carrier partners. We look forward to providing you with a free consultation to evaluate your business VoIP needs.

Hosted Voip Phone Systems

Hosted VoIP Phone Systems: Business Benefits

Lower Cost of Ownership

With a GO2 Hosted VoIP Phone System, you save from day one. There are no expensive systems to buy, and your investment in proprietary hardware is not lost (Avaya phones only work on Avaya phone systems). As a subscriber to GO2 Hosted VoIP your business benefits from a platform that is maintained at all times. Don’t worry about system hardware, software, or firmware upgrades and their associated main tangency costs. The GO2 Hosted VoIP PBX system is maintained for you at all times. When new features become available, we let you know about them and ensure that they are implemented to optimize your business.

Voice Platform Protection

Has your business come to a halt when the power is out, or your carrier is experiencing an outage? Waiting on hold while your mobile phone is losing juice to have your phone calls forwarded? The GO2 hosted VoIP PBX platform is located in a hardened data center. A location that has N x Power and Carrier services. Even if the power goes out and your carrier services go down, your phone calls will still be answered by your protected GO2 platform and rerouted automatically to another number or location.

Robust VoIP Features and Functionality

From Find Me-Follow Me (Unified Communication), Voicemail to Email (Unified Messaging), HD Voice, Outlook Integration, E-Fax functionality, Call Reporting, and unlimited Automated Attendants, you get more features without the expense with GO2 Hosted VoIP. Standard features include call transfer, call forwarding, call waiting, call conferencing, 3-way calling, find me/follow me, speed dial, caller ID and much more. With advanced GO2 hosted VoIP features like ACD (Automatic Call Distribution), Virtual Receptionist Console, Intelligent Call Routing, Call Queue Management, Call Recording and more are a great way to impress your customers and project a Fortune 1000 image.

Multiple Locations Made Easy

Your business may have multiple offices or locations. With GO2 VoIP phone systems, all of your offices will be interconnected and share the same service. You can dial an extension or transfer a call across town, state, country or world just as easily as the office cubicle next to you. With GO2 Hosted we can port or assign your business with phone numbers from across the country. Have a business in Philadelphia and an office in Los Angeles? We can have the phone number ring to your HQ or anywhere in the world. All locations share the same phone system and features.

Geographical Flexibility

Employees can work from anywhere with GO2 hosted voice over IP phone systems. A Broadband Internet connection is all that is needed. Whether you want to provide work from home with virtual office flexibility or have a back-up plan in case your office is not accessible, GO2 hosted pbx is there to meet your business need. With GO2 Hosted PBX your users will no longer be tethered to your phone. They will have the flexibility of having their calls follow them, and when an e-mail is received, a voice mail is sent along with the message. No more having to call into your backdoor number and check if you have a message.

Platform Scalability

Your GO2 hosted VoIP phone system is scalable. No more $5,000 upgrade, and frustration when you’re forced to purchase additional hardware and software when all you needed was one more phone. No need to worry when you need to add on. Whether 1 extension or 100, GO2 hosted voice over IP will scale as you grow.

VoIP Phone Provider Philadelphia

GO2 provides Hosted VoIP Phone Systems to Pennsylvania, including Philadelphia, Delaware County, Montgomery County and Bucks County. However, our reach extends throughout the United States.

We invite you to learn more about GO2 Hosted VoIP Phone Systems and our VoIP Phone Service. For assistance, design, pricing and more information on our VoIP Phone Services, call the experts at GO2 at (610) 567-3462 or Contact Us!

Ask your GO2 specialist about our special Hosted VoIP bundle packages.

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